Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend at Home

The Pie -- We finally got a little time at home this weekend and worked up some great grub. Sandy made the apple pie 100% from scratch (including the crust) from some apples we brought home from Maine. Wight's Orchard is just down the road from our house, and while it's pretty easy to load up on apples just picking wild ones on the roadside, we hit the orchard stand anyway for a sack and some conversation. The Duck -- inspired by a recipe in Matt and Ted Lee's excellent cookbook -- theirs is a scupernong glazed bird -- we decided to maked due with what we had in the house and used bitter orange. We roasted the bird for @ 4hrs. and it nearly melted in our mouths. That long oven time renders out lots of fat, so it's not quite so heavy. The Rabbit -- rabbit has been on the table at home lots lately -- it's seems so much leaner and better tasting than those big breasted chickens that every grocery store has. Plus a small rabbit is perfect for 2 people. This one came from a mexican tienda -- 5 bucks! Seasoned, floured, and hot peanut oil....


Caleb said...

i just ate.

Now I'm hungry again.

thanks a-lot.

Peace. - Caleb

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